Extra Charts


Child components

<WTooltip />


Property Type Default value Description
dataset array [] Chart data, example: [{name: 'Page A', one: 3000, two: 1400, three: 400}, ...]
trigger string 'hover', 'click', 'manual' Events triggering the tooltip
colors array ['#3fb1e3', '#6be6c1', '#626c91', '#a0a7e6', '#c4ebad', '#96dee8', '#013566', '##ff4f81' ] Colors palette
total number Total value
markers array [] Points over the bars, example: [10, 50, 100]
labelStyles object {} Label styles
showLabel bool false If true set, label will be drawn
withoutTooltip bool false If true set, tooltip won't be drawn
styles object {} Bar styles
delay number 300 Delay for the animation
minWidth number Min width of the chart
animated bool true If true set, animation will be executed
transDuration number 1 Transition duration in seconds
transEffect string ease Transition effect


  • value

    Slot to customize the value label

    Property Description
    index Label index
    value Label value
    percentage Percentage value
    color Color
  • tooltip

    Slot to customize the tooltip text

    Property Description
    value Label value
    color Color
  • marker

    Slot to customize the marker

    Property Description
    value Marker value
  • end

    Slot to customize the total label

    Property Description
    total Total value